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Christmas Message

Christmas for many is a time of joy, having fun with loved ones and reflecting on the past year but for some it is a difficult time, so let us take a moment to remember those who have lost loved ones, who may be alone or are suffering in some way this Christmas.

Jam and bread for Tea!

A statue of a Jam Butty Boy has been unveiled in Barnton.

The memorial will act as a reminder of how Barnton achieved its high home ownership in the 1950s with families living on bread and jam to afford their property.

Know your rights when buying on-line


 Citizens Advice Cheshire West is taking part in National Consumer Week,  an annual campaign which aims to help people with consumer issues. This year’s campaign focuses on online marketplaces and the rights of consumers using them.

'Business as usual' for MP

Tatton MP Esther McVey has returned to the backbenches in Parliament following her resignation as Work and Pensions Secretary last week.

Father Christmas asks for help!

Father Christmas has written to Esther to ask for help!

Every year he likes to receive letters from children around the world so he knows what they would like for Christmas.