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Tatton Park must reopen to pedestrians and cyclists

Tatton Park must re-open to allow walkers to enjoy exercising in their local area, says Esther McVey.

The local MP said there was no reason to stay closed to pedestrians or cyclists and exercise was vital in helping protect mental as well as physical health during this difficult time.

Esther supports Knutsford funding bid

The boss of a Knutsford marketing agency is hoping to secure funding from Government to develop an innovative way to help protect the local high street in a post Covid-19 era.

Help for Cheshire Dairy Farmers

Rules governing dairy farmers in Cheshire have been further relaxed to help the industry through the coronavirus crisis.

Farmers are reportedly having to pour away large quantities of milk after demand dried up following businesses closing their doors as part of the lockdown.

Esther discusses farming in Cheshire

Esther is demanding answers from Government over what it can do to ensure farmers across Cheshire get the support they need to keep the industry thriving.