Esther urges a rethink on the language around 'domestic' violence

Esther has urged Government to re-think the language surrounding domestic violence – claiming it does not convey the horror many victims face.

The Tatton MP said to label all domestic violence incidents under one umbrella term detracts from the seriousness of many crimes.

Help for Cheshire Dairy Farmers

Rules governing dairy farmers in Cheshire have been further relaxed to help the industry through the coronavirus crisis.

Farmers are reportedly having to pour away large quantities of milk after demand dried up following businesses closing their doors as part of the lockdown.

PODCASTS 'Blue Collar Conversations'

As part of a series of 'Blue Collar Conversations' Esther is recording a series of regular Podcasts. She talks to local business owners and individuals about the impact of the virus, the challenges that is presenting- and sometimes the opportunities it is also giving.

Vital help needed for the self-employed

Esther McVey welcomed measures announced by Government to plough money into the NHS and to support staff and businesses but urged more action in this unprecedented time. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has come under pressure to set out what Government will do to support self-employed workers affected by

Esther discusses farming in Cheshire

Esther is demanding answers from Government over what it can do to ensure farmers across Cheshire get the support they need to keep the industry thriving.

Communities helping the vulnerable

It seems really likely that we are all going to know people who are having to self isolate over the coming weeks and months.