The UK holiday market - Esther talks to some of those in the constituency who may gain

Sales of caravans and motorhomes from a Knutsford family business are on the rise as families and friends look to holiday at home in their own bubbles.

Boris Johnson urged everyone to take a staycation as lockdown restrictions are lifted, and according to Ben Holland, owner of Cheshire based Spinney Motor Homes, people are heeding the advice, meaning a much-needed boost for UK tourism, local pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Mr Holland has seen a significant rise in demand since the pandemic, a change in demographic of buyer and hopes the investment now will benefit the local area. No longer is the retired sector the main investors but families and friends investing together to holiday safely and flexibly.

He said: “I think it gives customers the element of control and the beauty of a caravan or motorhome is that it can give you isolation in your bubble which is something people are trying to do.”

The family run business set up by Mr Holland’s father in 1975 has seen such demand stock levels have fallen from 400 at the beginning of June to 180.

Mr Holland said: “That is not enough for us to keep up with demand so as a business we are having to think outside the box. We deal with eight UK manufacturers and they are going to see huge growth over the next couple of years which is great for employment in the UK but we see a real short term problem with supply so we are acting quickly as a business to jump on that, even the ideas of rental we have never done that before, but there is a huge demand for hiring caravans.”

The business has joined forces with a Macclesfield company to get its own range of VW and Ford transit vans as people are also wanting van conversions which can be used for driving and getting away.

The comments came on a podcast to Tatton MP Esther McVey looking at how Covid-19 had affected the area and businesses. 

Ms McVey said: “It has been a very tough year so the growth in this sector is very welcome.  It will benefit the economy and job creation which is exactly what we need.

“The purchase of a motorhome or caravan is something that will be used time and again which means continued spending in the UK which is vital. Many of us will be staying in the UK this summer as we all play our part in supporting one another as we emerge from Covid-19.”

William Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson's Brewery which boasts pubs, hotels and inns across the Cheshire and the North West also believes a boost in staycations is coming.

He said: “The true impact is not seen yet but it would seem certain there is a level of staycation at the moment, thus far it seems encouraging.”

He added: “We are not back to the levels of last year as we have very high levels of occupancy the summer we can be in the 90s most of the time, but what you can see is that people are more optimistic about booking and they are not just booking for next week but they are booking for September, October so looking long term in the picturesque locations.

“I think the trend will continue and the staycation market is huge cottage rental to a night in a night in a pub or hotel but we are encouraged by what we are seeing.”

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