My response, as a Leadership candidate, to President Trump's comments about the NHS and a future trade deal

All MPs regularly get Campaign emails from constituents. Although how an MP deals with them varies, I have always tried to ensure I respond directly back to each constituent.

Overnight, a 38 degrees Campaign has started, as a result of comments made yesterday by the US President on his visit to the UK. Unlike normal campaigns that just come from constituents, this one is aimed at a number of candidates standing for leadership of the party and as a result I have received many thousands of emails from across the country. 

I obviously entirely understand the sensitivity of the issue and apologise for posting a response in this way but it is not practical to reply directly to everyone.I will aim to reply directly to constituents but identifying constituents, in the volume of emails I have received that will be a challenge.

Please find below my statement;

'The NHS would not be on the table in any trade deal I negotiated with the US. This is why it is so important that we leave the Customs Union. If we are in charge of our trade policy, we can ensure we protect the NHS. If we stay within the Customs Union then the EU can agree a trade deal which puts the NHS at risk and we would have to comply'