Support for Ukraine

A number of constituents have written to me volunteering different sorts of support for Ukraine and for those fleeing the country. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of outlets but some guidance on what you can do locally.


There is now a way to register your interest in housing refugees fleeing Ukraine with the Government. The link is here:

There is criteria for the minimum amount of time you host the refugees so please ensure you read the information before registering. Please be aware that there have been issues at busy times registering; it is worth trying very early or very late if you encounter issues.


If you are in a position to make a cash donation then the Disaster Emergency Committee works with 15 leading charities to ensure help gets to where it is needed. Their website address is and they have a dedicated Ukraine fundraising campaign on there.

There is also which is a North West based organisation set up to try and reconnect displaced Ukrainians with their families. They are closely allied to a church in Mobberley and have also undertaken humanitarian trips, with supplies, to the Ukrainian border and at various times are looking for very specific items and people to drive within their convoy. Please visit their website for more details.



If you are in Wilmslow there is a Facebook group that has been set up for 'Support for Ukraine in Wilmslow'

I understand the intention is for that to be partly a forum for those hosting Ukrainian citizens and for their guests but there is also information on there on what is happening locally in terms of fund-raising and events.

If you are in Knutsford, there is a similar support group called 'Homes for Ukraine Support Group'. You can access that by contacting Sarah on


As other communities let me have details of that in their area, I will also share that information on here.