Speed limit review promised for A50 in Knutsford

The current speed limit on the Manchester Road in Knutsford is set to be reviewed, Esther McVey has been told.

Campaigners have been calling for a reduction from the current 60mph on the stretch of road near the Cottons Hotel following three fatalities in four years.

Ms McVey, who previously met with bosses at Cheshire East Council, set out her concerns in writing to council officials and supported a recent local petition, has now been advised the speed limit will be looked at.

Ms McVey said: “I fully supported calls for the speed limit on Manchester Road to be reduced. It was very clear that action was needed to ensure no more lives were lost. When I wrote to Cheshire East Council and in meetings I have had with them about this, I set out my concerns along with those of people who had contacted me and I urged them to introduce safety measures on the stretch of road.

“The indications are that there will be justification for the reduction and I hope the review will conclude that. Whilst I understand the police report felt excessive speed wasn't a factor in the latest accident, clearly the speed people are travelling does appear to make the outcome of accidents more serious. The police conclusion means that the limit can't be reduced based solely on the accidents but the two developments planned for further down that road does allow Cheshire East to reduce the limit within the national parameters. Confirmation that the council will look at the speed limit is a step in the right direction and offers hope we will get the outcome we all want and I will continue to work with our local councillors who cover the area, Tony Dean, Steward Gardiner and Kate Parkinson to push for this reduction, as we must ensure we have a safe area and the correct speed limits.”

Confirmation of the review comes a month after another accident on the road which saw a motorcyclist taken to hospital with serious injuries after a crash near to The Cottons Hotel.

Ms McVey added: “I also want to pay tribute to Allan McNicol who started the e-petition putting pressing on the Council to reduce the limit, and all those who have campaigned for this necessary change. One life lost is one too many and we should do everything we can to make our roads safer and keep fighting to ensure this speed limit reduction gets the green light.”