Rural drop-in events during the Summer

Esther has finished her first round of informal drop in sessions across more rural parts of the constituency – and now other MPs want to follow suit.

Ms McVey organised seven meet and greets at village pubs where she was joined by people popping in for a cup of tea and chat or wanting to discuss local or national issues.

She said: “It was important for me to get to the most rural parts of the constituency and ensure people who want to see me and meet and discuss issues could. Not everyone can get to constituency surgeries or the office and sessions like these are really good as I get to know more people and hear of any concerns they have. I will definitely be doing more events like these, the feedback was great and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces too.”

Most issues raised were regional or very specific local issues including planning concerns on a road in Lach Dennis, High Speed Rail was frequently raised, along with rural broadband and speed limits on rural roads.

Ms McVey said: “I’ve spoken to colleagues about how beneficial the events were and others are looking to copy the models in their constituencies.”

MPs return to Westminster next week.