Handforth patient group aim to tackle loneliness

AN MP has praised the work of two Handforth residents for leading the way in finding solutions to tackle loneliness.

Patients from Handforth Health Centre Patients Participation Group (PPG) devised a booklet detailing information of local clubs, hobby and interest groups in and around Handforth and Wilmslow for adults of all ages, as part of their challenge to tackle the widespread problem of loneliness and isolation.

Tatton MP Esther McVey attended the launch of Connect to show her support to Jenny Pepper and Pat Riley who put together the booklet.
Ms McVey said: “Loneliness and isolation is a huge problem for all age groups and it is not just elderly people as some may think. Research has shown that young people between 16 and 24 report often feeling lonely and anything we can do to reach out to people and tackle the issue is welcome.

“The work the PPG are doing is fantastic as it is about bringing communities together and showing there are things people can get involved in, things they may not have otherwise known about. I think having a booklet with all the information is a great idea as people can access the information without having to ask for it as some people may be reluctant to admit they are feeling isolated or lonely.”
The PPG is a voluntary group made up of patients and Doctors from the surgery who meet throughout the year to discuss changes likely to affect the services provided by the surgery and can cover issues such as patient feedback or recommendations to improve things.
The group wanted to continue the work of the late Jo Cox MP in tackling loneliness and decided to come up with ways to help reduce patient loneliness and isolation

The booklet will be widely available and also is online and will be updated as new groups and clubs are set up.

Cheshire East Council, Wilmslow Town Council and Handforth Parish Council have also praised the initiative.
For more information visit https://handforthppgconnec.wixsite.com/connect