Esther meets 'Women in Finance' and apprentices at Aldermore Bank in Wilmslow

An MP has praised Aldermore Bank for leading the way in encouraging more people to take up apprenticeships as an alternative route to university and for getting more women into the finance sector.


Tatton MP Esther McVey met with staff at the Wilmslow branch that had gone through the apprenticeship schemes and were now working in different areas of the company including operations, customer service and underwriting.


Ms McVey said: “It was fascinating to hear the stories from the people who had been part of the apprenticeship schemes and how they decided to work with Aldermore and the opportunities that have come from that. These dynamic young people decided on the apprenticeship route rather than going to University because they knew they wanted a career, they wanted the fastest route to get there, be debt free and earn while they were studying.  I am passionate about apprenticeships as too often people thought university was the only way to get an education and this is not the case, apprenticeships allow people to gain vital experience in the workplace and use their skill set to start and progress their careers.  All the young people I spoke to had not enjoyed college but could not have been any more positive about their apprenticeships.”

Ms McVey also met with many of the company’s female managers, who told her of how the company accommodates work and family life and how Aldermore was committed to redressing the gender imbalance in the finance sector.

Ms McVey added: “It is so nice to hear of employers that are so passionate about nurturing their staff, doing what is best for them and who are willing to be flexible to ensure women can hold senior positions as well as raise a family. All the women I spoke to had been with the company between seven and 11 years said they wanted to come back to work after they had children which is testament to how good a company it is to work for.

“Aldermore is a leading example of how women can have it all. They have signed up to Government’s Women in Finance charter which  promotes women across the business with their careers, work/life balance, and ensures they are not disadvantaged  when they return to work after maternity leave.

“I am delighted the business has made its home in Wilmslow and I look forward to hearing many more inspirational stories from future apprentices and other staff in the future.”

Staff also had a Q and A session with Ms McVey which focused on local issues including transport and parking and national issues such as women in politics and Brexit.

The apprenticeship scheme has been running since 2015.