Wake up tired? Boost your bounce and put a spring back in your step during these dark mornings!

Wake up tired? Boost your bounce and put a spring back in your step during these dark mornings!

Hitting the snooze button and dozing back off to sleep is not the exception it’s the norm – and it’s estimated over 60% of Britons need anywhere between 15mins to an hour to wake up and feel alive each morning!

I’ve always been interested in energy levels, sleep quotas and combatting tiredness – what depletes energy, what increases it and what to do to boost it.

There are many factors that can contribute to tiredness and poor sleeping patterns, from the food we eat to our general health & fitness levels, medical conditions like snoring and acid reflux, even stress, work pressures and emotional demands, all of these will lead to a broken night’s sleep, depriving us from recharging our batteries over night and being tired in the morning.

Now, it’s important each of those areas are addressed one by one so we can fire on all cylinders each day. However, there is another area that matters, and one I focus on a lot, and that’s how to ‘boost our bounce’ in the morning by making getting up as positive an experience as possible. May sound silly but for me it’s important.

For me to get the day kick-started in the best possible way is to ensure I have all my creature comforts around me when I wake! It takes a little bit of preparation the night before but nothing too much.

1) I like a hot drink first thing, so before I go to bed, I fill my kettle, have my coffee / tea / lemon, whatever takes my fancy right on the table next to my bed, so as soon as my alarm goes off, I hit the kettle switch and a couple of minutes later I’m sat up in bed with my drink. The radio goes on too.

2) I like reading the papers. So I’ll sit up in bed, having my drink and read the papers online.

3) I sleep with the curtains open – the natural light helps me wake up.

4) Most of us like hitting the snooze button, me too, thinking an extra 10 minutes will make me feel better and will ease me into getting up. Apparently not. A sleep specialist told me a while back, it’s the worst thing you can do. Your body goes back to sleep mode and far from making you feel refreshed, it puts you back to slumber mode, breaking all your natural sleep patterns, so making it harder to wake up.

5) To have an easier wake up, find out what your sleep cycles are. My sleep cycle is 3 hours. I wake up better after a cycle of 3 ie after 3 hours, 6 hours even 9 hours, but my body doesn’t really like 8hrs! So I’d sooner wake up after 6 hours sleep than have 8hrs, supposedly because I’m still deep in my sleep cycle and my body won’t want to be disturbed.

6) I make sure every day I have something in my diary I love doing. Coffee with a friend, catch up on the phone, cooking dinner for friends, it doesn’t matter what it is, something really simple, but something that says I’m alive, I’m loved and I’m bound to have a laugh. I have this right next to my bed, so my first thought in the morning is a positive one.

I don’t care what anyone says, but being kind to yourself as you wake up, with a positive message for the day helps put a spring in the step and really helps get you out of bed in these dark wintering mornings!

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