Trump not only Tweets but reads Tweets too!

Trump not only Tweets but reads Tweets too!

What can I tell you? Trump must have read my blog piece – I certainly copied in @POTUS when I tweeted it. So in a world where opinion becomes fact – he did indeed read my article and not only that I have evidence he acted on it.

I said Trump still has his voters onside but that the clock is ticking. They put their faith in him to change the system and get things done, now he needs to deliver.

He will announce his new Executive Order next week regarding his travel ban and the country’s security. It might be watered down, but like any businessman he’s put down his first offer, it wasn’t accepted, so he’s following up with another. NB politics prefers to do it the other way round, get all your ducks in a row, then lay legislation. Will this be something Trump learns the hard way, or will his business style of deal making be accepted and end up part of Trump’s legacy?

Getting back to my post about Trump – it was about how important it will be to keep his followers on board. So I was interested to read yesterday, in the New York Times, that Trump is back out campaigning, holding a rally in an airplane hangar in Melbourne, Florida. This will be vital to his survival, mentally to keep him motivated and tactically to keep him in the job.

My further advice to him would be that he shouldn’t just be speaking to his followers and singing songs, he needs them campaigning too. In the UK we’d be giving each of them leaflets to deliver and phone numbers to call. The States are a well oiled campaigning machine so no doubt he’ll be doing something along those lines as well as selling his ‘Make America Great Again’ hats – which has left his campaign with nearly $8m in the bank. (Incidentally, the Trump team has filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission for his 2020 re-election campaign which allows him to continue to accept donations including contributions from the sale of his hats without running foul of the law.)

Trump is no schmuck but I doubt he ever knew just quite how difficult it was going to be to take on the establishment. Taking on the media in itself would be a Herculean task, but taking on the entire machinery, as he is finding out, might not be possible.

I’ve mentioned before the complicated maze that Trump needs to navigate to get his policies laid and accepted. At the moment it looks like he’s lost in the thickets. Should he decide this ‘deal with the American public’ isn’t working, it wouldn’t surprise me if he just called a press conference and said ‘This is a ‘bad’ deal. There are just too many ‘bad’ vested interests letting ‘good’ people down. I am one of those ‘good’ people’ and like with any bad deal you have to walk away.’ Only time will tell…..

In tomorrow’s blog – Trump’s press conferences and what I read into the situation, having both worked in the media and in politics.

  • Graeme Longmuir
    Posted at 23:20h, 19 February Reply

    At last, a sane commentary rather than all the screeching. Thank you

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