Traits of successful people and helping students succeed.

Traits of successful people and helping students succeed.

I’ve spent the best part of 2 decades studying the traits of successful people, understanding what makes them tick, their resilience, work ethic, positive outlook, risk taking appetite and insatiable desire for knowledge.

With their permission I’ve converted their life stories and advice into career books for students. Three so far and the latest of which came out this week. It includes the fabulous Deborah Meaden whose final bit of advice, after revealing her life story, was this:

‘No one can be great at everything, but everyone has the potential to be great at something. But even the stuff you’re good at, you don’t always get right. If you’re in a room, there’s always someone who knows a bit more than you – so listen to them and learn. Equally in that same room you may be the one who knows more about a subject than anyone else. It’s just important to find your expertise, work hard and you will eventually excel.’

Today I spent the whole day at Southport College speaking to 250 pupils and tomorrow I’m in kings Lynn speaking to the same number again. I don’t do it alone, although I used to. Now I work with the wonderful National Youth Theatre with whom I’ve created a series of career plays – If Chloe Can, You Can and the latest, Hollie, and I have a panel of guests who the students can ask questions of, a real mix people with a good number from the local area. Today in Southport Ian Snodin, ex Everton and England U21 and U23 player joined me, local lass Claire Simmo, Radio City presenter, local businessman Jay Hynde and David Mumeni, writer and actor. The other month in London, Nick Knowles spoke along with Margaret Mountford of BBC’s The Apprentice, Jo Salter, the UK’s first female fighter pilot, Louise Greenhalgh UK’s first female bomb disposal officer and Debbie Moore founder of Pineapple and first female to set up a Plc.

The play is like a giant career ice breaker for the pupils – fun and lively, with music and special effects and in the interval the students get to ask the panel any questions they like. Throughout the year, as follow ups, we do workshops in schools even one on one support and provide work experience places too.

At the end of today, the pupils were really fired up having listened to such passionate people reveal their life’s stories of triumph over adversity, success after setbacks with tips of how to overcome hardship and despair.

I love meeting the pupils, watching them soak up the stories and become motivated to put their own ideas into action.

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