Time to think.

Time to think.

In a 24/7 world most of us are overtiring our brain, leaving it constantly turned on and never allowing it to relax.

Instead of protecting our mind from the bombardment and demands of the 21st century and the 24/7 environment of mobile phones, internet, TV, radio, we’re leaving it switched on, whirling away and wearing down. And an exhausted brain is not a productive one. We don’t do that to our bodies, for physical tiredness is easily recognised, but we are doing it to our brain, not recognising or realising how much strain modern life is putting on our minds.

A tired mind is not a happy mind, or rather as a friend said to me “a tired mind is a grumpy and petulant one, it certainly isn’t a creative one nor does it give good answers.”

Lack of ‘brain downtime’ really is a 21st century problem. We have all become so focussed on doing as much as we can during the day, keeping busy and responding to demands, that we’re more often than not now replicating robots rather than focussing on what makes us human, the ability to think, create and be unique,
Realising the mind needs to have some TLC and some time to itself to recuperate in order to be in peak health, I asked a series of people, business, spiritual and academics how they keep their mind in peak form? Incidentally, all agreed that ‘mind care’ was severely overlooked in this technologically driven, 24/7 age.

Despite coming from different walks of life, their advice was strikingly similar and all had come to the conclusion their mind was less creative, less productive, less ‘helpful’ and ‘happy’ when it was tired. Constant interruptions from colleagues, phone calls, emails, twitter, TV, news, was preventing it from concentrating and disrupting its thought processes, so instead of it getting to a steady state of thought, it was in a constant state of agitation and disruption. Like driving a Porsche in bumper to bumper traffic, you’re putting strain on the engine and wearing down the car. All agreed that you need to allow your brain to go on its ‘open road’ giving it free reign to think instead of holding it back on a leash and tiring it out.

Here are their suggestions of ‘mind care’ and allowing the brain to relax.
1) either get up 30 mins earlier and allow it to think, day dream or meditate or go to bed earlier giving yourself time to do the same thing.
2) go for a 30min jog per day, go to the gym or walk the dog.
3) don’t sit at your desk eating your lunch and carry on working, have 15 to 30 minutes to yourself instead.
4) some people said their best ideas came to them in the shower, for not only did they have time to themselves, they felt relaxed too, so try and find your own ‘shower time’ which could be just switching off your phones and internet for 15 to 30 mins each day.
5) some people said they put 15 to 30 minutes in their diary each day labelled as ‘thinking time’ to ensure it happened.

Only by switching off the mind and allowing it time to relax can you get a fully charged up mind and new, creative ideas require just that!

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