Simple food is the way forward

Simple food is the way forward

My grandma used to say a little bit of what you fancy won’t do you any harm. She also used to say eat ‘real food’ and a good mix of food.

‘Real food’ meaning food ‘that hasn’t been messed about with’! If you’ve going to have butter on your bread, then eat butter and not some miracle low fat margarine. If you’re going to have yoghurt don’t go for the low fat version and if you’re going to have a cup of tea with sugar in it, then have sugar and not some chemical sweetner. ‘Know what you’re eating, limit your treats, don’t go to sleep on a meal and always walk your dinner off!’ Those were her sage words of advice.

She was born during World War 1, never had wealth, never had privilege, had seen and experienced more than she would have liked to and always spoke common sense.

‘Don’t kid yourself with low fat this, or sugar substitute that, there is no short cut to staying slim, just eat less rich food and do some exercise. And like everything in life, if it sounds to good to be true, it is’.

So I never did sweeters or diet food or low cal drinks or half fat food, I just ate less of the ‘real stuff’, had a simple, natural diet and I’ve my grandma to thank for that.

No stabilisers or colourings adorned her larder and she wasn’t around to see the explosion in microwaveable dinners. She’d have gasped at the price and the ingredients. ‘If in doubt, have egg and chips. You can’t go wrong with that. Simple food that no one can tamper with!’

Her kitchen always smelt great and felt warm. She’d be boiling up hams and making soups, roasting meats and chopping vegetables, there was only ever celery or carrots on the table when you came home, never biscuits, but she would whip up a cake or a pie once a week to satisfy our sweet urges!

So I read with interest the latest report produced by the National Obesity Forum declaring that the longstanding official advice promoting low fat foods had perhaps been the biggest mistake in medical history. The most natural and nutritious foods available to us are meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Did we really need a team of experts to tell us that? Surely eating natural simple foods was what we have always done until relatively recently when pre-packed, prepared, quick miracle foods became fashionable and with it the surge in malnutrition and obesity, often combined. Simple food is the way forward.

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