School funding – £1.3 billion more for schools


School funding – £1.3 billion more for schools

School funding was a massive issue on the doorstep in the election campaign and I said if elected, it would be one of my top priorities. We were in a situation whereby no one knew if our schools would get more money or less under a new formula.

Each Thursday in Parliament there is a session called Business Questions where MPs raise points about topical matters. It was the first session after the formalities of ‘swearing in MPs’ and setting out the legislative programme for the next two years. I called for a minister from the Department for Education to come to the dispatch box and give me reassurances no school in Tatton would see a funding cut. Days later I questioned Schools Minister Nick Gibb and was told the area would not see a cut and although I was pleased, I wanted figures. The concern over the changes continued to grow and Government listened and stopped the changes. Instead they prioritised school funding and allocated an extra £1.3 billion for 2018/`19 which is coming from savings from existing budgets including spending on free schools.

Within the next few weeks the allocations should be published for each area and I am delighted Government has promised it will show a higher minimum per pupil funding. As a Conservative MP I will support Government to get legislation through any time I can but my priority it to Tatton and I made it clear to Government I could not support them on changes to school funding where my pupils could lose out.

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