Is Trump the Uber of Politics?

Is Trump the Uber of Politics?

We know he’s a ‘political disrupter’ – so will this result in his downfall or will he be the politician who delivers a quicker, more efficient way doing politics and governing?

A few weeks back I wrote that Trump could well be remembered for bringing about Truncated law making, basically announcing and delivering legislation at the same time, so condensing the whole process.

Here’s the article ….

Having now read ‘The Art of the Deal’ by Trump & Tony Schwartz (let’s not get into the argument here who wrote it) I’m more convinced than ever that this businessman turned politician, with little to no political experience, will provide that Uber moment.

From the book here’s some of the key themes:
-It’s all about the deal. (Deals are what he lives for).
-Aim high and keep pushing & pushing –¬†sometimes I settle for less.
-Always hire the best from the best.
-You need intelligence but mostly instinct.
-Never leave yourself too exposed & find your leverage.
-Don’t get too attached to one deal or one approach.
-It’s a lot better to side with a winner than a loser.
-Showmanship & bravado.
-(lots of flattery)

He’s only been President for a few weeks and you can see all of these at play already. So far he’s aimed high – he now needs to get a couple of early wins under his belt. Honeymoon periods can turn to nightmares very quickly in politics and whilst he has strong support, he has formidable opponents. There are big guns out to get him, the press to haunt him and his opposition to jeer him. Life under Trump and life for Trump won’t be easy but he’s certainly shaking up the political world!

Some say democracy needs a shot of Trump – the process has become too slow and nothing gets done – but you need to take as many people with you as possible in a democracy. So far Trump still has his voters on side but that clock is ticking. They put their faith in him to change the system and get things done, now he needs to deliver. He needs to clinch a deal early doors and then in his words, keep pushing and pushing. I can’t see any let-up so it’s a good job he lives for the deal!

  • Nick Longworth
    Posted at 13:17h, 17 February Reply

    The Trump-haters seem constantly on tenterhooks for his imminent resignation, yet he is only – somewhat chaotically – putting into effect his campaign promises. As a result,, he’ll keep the backing of the GOP majorities in Congress, so I can’t see him collapsing in the face of the blizzard of criticism.

    It’s a very different way of doing politics, that’s for sure. My take a couple of weeks ago was to compare his methods with those of our new PM:

    Sure makes politics interesting again. All we need now is Tony Blair to resurface and show us what we’ve been missing… ah!

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