If Chloe Can

National Youth Theatre visit 10 Downing Street

The play If Chloe Can, which has inspired over 15000 young women in the UK, was conceived by Esther after interviewing some of the world’s most successful women, many of whom have got to the top in the face of huge adversity. She published their life stories in a magazine to inspire young girls to achieve their potential.


Esther saw a synergy between the aims of the If Chloe Can story and the National Youth Theatre’s mission to discover and nurture young people’s talent and propel them to success.


The play is co written by Esther, and NYT graduate Karla Crome, and in 2011, it premiered at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue to an audience of 1000 inner-city school girls aged 14-16.


The feedback from the audience was overwhelming. The students said it was fun and entertaining, and that it inspired them to think about their own choices and what they could go on to achieve, because they could really relate to the characters.