Getting a fair deal for our farmers


Getting a fair deal for our farmers

I wanted to fill you in on some of the things i’ve been doing recently. I do not agree with one rule for one, one for another. Cases of Bovine TB in Cheshire have soared over the years and it is having a devastating effect on our farmers. Goat and Sheep farmers are not receiving equal compensation to bovine farmers when their livestock are compulsorily slaughtered for TB disease control. Wales have already introduced equal compensation and this is what I want in England. I’ve asked questions in Parliament and spoken with Ministers about this and a consultation into compensation is due in the autumn. I will keep fighting for parity for Cheshire Sheep and Goat Farmers. This is their livelihood and it is not right they should be compensated differently to Bovine farmers. TB does not pick and choose which animal it infects and farmers who are doing everything they can to protect their stock should not be penalised based on what farm they have. I do not just want it increased I want uniformity across the board.

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