EU …..where’s it all going to end?

EU …..where’s it all going to end?

Isn’t it time the EU looked at itself and asked ‘Why have we become the source of such unease across Europe?’ Of course it is. But it won’t. And therein lies the problem.

From its lofty perch it must see the pressures it’s placed on countries like Greece and Cyprus and the effects it’s having on their citizens? See the rise of extreme parties right across Europe in places like Germany and France as those citizens desperately seek alternative parties who will stand up to the might of the European Union rather than side with it as their main parties have done for so long. Those mainstream parties haven’t shown an understanding for the citizens of the member states they should be serving.

If alarm bells aren’t going off in the EU then they should at least be ringing with elected representatives. We saw only this week Austria nearly voted in its first far right party since the Second World War, instead in a closely fought campaign it voted in a far left party. Mainstream parties were swept aside.

It would appear to me that you can’t keep giving powers away from sovereign countries year after year and not expect a backlash. By removing powers from a country, no matter how gradually done, and giving it to an overarching construct a democratic vacuum is created on the ground – one which will be filled. It’s a matter of when not if. Those vacuums are now being filled by people purporting to provide a way of regaining control and self determination.

It is ironic that a construct with a founding principle to see off extremes, factions and wars, is presiding over policies that are tearing countries apart. Whilst aiming to prevent inter-country fighting it is allowing civil unrest and intra-country disharmony.

The UK with its In/Out referendum has given us a chance to make a stance, support the people of Europe and make the EU look at itself. To date the facts of this referendum have been confusing and the apocalyptic battle cries nonsensical. So I’ve decided to look to what’s happening across Europe rather than solely being focused on the headlines here in the UK. I see a very large battle coming. We’re no longer contemplating future ‘what ifs’ we have very real ‘here and nows’ to deal with and top of that list has to be letting the EU know it isn’t listening or working for the people of Europe and what it does to rectify that is what really will determine its fate.

My message to the EU is this – it’s not so much alarm bells that are ringing, it’s a siren blaring. Wake up and listen to the people. It’s not too late, you could decide your own fate.

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