Do you ever think to yourself – what did I actually achieve today?

Do you ever think to yourself – what did I actually achieve today?

I mean apart from drowning in emails, attending unnecessary meetings and constantly being interrupted, what did I actually do? What did I do for me?

If you’re thinking that, then it’s well worth looking at what we waste our time on. These range from habitually checking emails and social media, making phone calls to putting the kettle on or walking to the coffee shop.

In fact we could be wasting over 60% of our day on unproductive things.

For example, on average we will ….

Be checking emails and social media up to 36 times a day – meaning up to 3 hours wasted per day.

Have 56 interruptions per day, from phone calls to text messages, people in the office asking you to do things. It usually takes 3 minutes before we can switch task again, so we can all spend up to 2 hours per day recovering from interruptions.

Attend 62 meetings a month, 50% of which are unnecessary approx 31 hours per month not feeling productive.

Commuting – A British worker could spend 18 months of their life commuting! So think of something productive you can be doing on that journey, like write a best selling book – unless of course you are driving!

How do we go about altering this? Well first of all you need to decide what it is you really want to do, because the biggest feeling of under achievement in life comes from simply not knowing what that is. Only by knowing want we want out of life can we be truly productive and be on the path to doing something we can be proud of.

Not knowing what we want to achieve is what allows in all the distractions and simple day to day distractions can be a form of self-sabotage. Sometimes it’s easier to be so busy that you don’t think, and work so hard that you don’t have time to question yourself.

Number 1 – make a plan. Yes, for each day, but more importantly a life plan too.

Number 2 – learn to be more disciplined on a daily basis and here’s some tips.

Don’t constantly check emails. Make a deal with yourself to check them 2 or 3 times a day. Research shows we can spend up to 28% of the day on email. By cutting back the number of times we check them we could save up to 2hrs a day.

Stop checking social media too – Again have set times to check it, saving up to 1 hour per day.

Let phone calls go to voicemail and catch up on them all at the end of the day, this could save up to 1 hour per day.

Number 3 – work out when you’re being distracted and write them down, start watching what you do, so you can alter your pattern. Tailor make the advice for you.

Number 4 – when you plan your timetable for the day, make sure you do your worst chore first, by getting it out the way you won’t be doing displacement tactics all day trying to put the inevitable off.

Number 5 – break jobs down into small chunks. I know if I’ve got a big piece of work I divide it up into one or two hours chunks, making sure I have other things to do either side. I work better like that knowing I have a deadline and that I can’t spend any longer on it. It helps me work quicker and get other things done too.

Number 6 – be aware. Know how you want to spend your time and start planning it now.
Come back in a weeks time and see if this is helping?

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