Do geeks make for the best partners? I for one say ‘yes they do’.

Do geeks make for the best partners? I for one say ‘yes they do’.

Now I’ve always fallen for geeks. As far as I can remember I’ve always fallen hardest for geeks.

In fact I remember aged 18 having a crush on a maths PHD student. His opening word in our first conversation was ‘Quintessentially’ followed by his explanation of his PHD….. And so our romance began.

My crushes weren’t based purely on looks or physique, nope, it was about mental capacity and agility. It was all about knowledge and processing information. I could listen for hours, and often did, as they explained their pet subject, waxed lyrical about their special interest topic and animatedly constructed and deconstructed theories. It was like an adults Jakanory, the words soothing, bristling with interest, emotion and structure.

And they didn’t have to be geeks in pure subjects like Maths, they could be geeks in music, sport, motorbikes, theatre, art, horseracing. It was all about meeting someone who had a passion for something. A love of life driven by a very special love of a subject – that love of something is contagious and energising.

It means they never say I’m bored. It means they never don’t know what to be doing or where to be going. It means they can wake up in the morning and always have a sense of direction. A sense they will be alright and they will be inspired to continue their journey into the unknown accompanied by a desire to learn more about their chosen field. This love will lead them to a job, to a partner, to hobbies and pastimes. It will lead them through life.

Having a deep love of something is a blessing and a saving. God bless geeks.

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