Brexit, Trump …. and the changes that will no doubt continue at a pace.

Brexit, Trump …. and the changes that will no doubt continue at a pace.

Whenever I read the Brexit or Trump election can be explained as an anti-establishment vote, I think it misses the point. It doesn’t ask why would anyone want to give the establishment a bashing? And until you ask that question then you’re no nearer to an explanation or what to do to heal the rift and make amends.

People I meet who voted Brexit or Trump say ‘for too long I’ve felt ignored’ and ‘this vote allowed me to express my views’.

Let’s take Brexit, where Labour was pretty much entirely at odds with its northern heartland voters. For example, previous Labour leader Ed Miliband voted to remain whereas his constituents, 70% in fact, voted to leave. How out of touch can you be? And it’d be safe to say there are many issues where voters and political leaders are out of kilter with the public, try justice and sentencing and that’s just for starters

So let’s not just look at these voting outcomes through the prism of the establishment, rather lets see then through the eyes of the voters and the public st large.

I say the winds of change are still whistling through and there’s plenty of change left to come because 4 important factors are allowing change to happen.

1) anti-establishment opinion – or as we’ve seen this means the public feeling ignored.

2) rapid change happening all around (fallout of the 4th Industrial Revolution which we’re living through – ie an age of extreme automation, extreme communication, globalisation and job polarisation – leaves voters feeling no one is in control. All this change is not being managed.

3) questioning authority – the age of transparency means the public knows what’s going on and can question decision making. Even the High Court was questioned over the judgement it delivered on Parliament having to have a vote over Article 50. Now that was probably the first time a decision of theirs was questioned in that way. I don’t believe this was calling into question the whole of our legal system, people just wanted to know was the decision really about Parliament being sovereign or was it about frustrating the will of the people and the establishment getting its way. And I’m thinking from now on, any organisations taking decision on behalf of the public will be called into question. This is the new transparent world.

4) distrust of mainstream media – in the age of mass communication, anyone can publish comments and opinions and bypass traditional media sources and go straight to their audience. Anyone can communicate with anyone and quickly.

These 4 factors are not only allowing change to happen, but forcing it to happen at speed.

The establishment has to look deeper than just saying it’s ‘about a distrust of the establishment and experts’. It’s about listening to the public and not leaving them ignored or overlooked.

Lots of change is coming, let’s just ensure it’s positive change that allows the ruling establishments to connect with who they’re supposed to be ruling for.

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