Are you prepared for every eventuality? I mean every eventuality!

Are you prepared for every eventuality? I mean every eventuality!

Ok we’d just finished watching Law and Order – US version obviously – when the conversation turned to how well prepared are you for a break in? Would you know what to do if someone broke in while you were in the house? All a bit creepy but it was a fair question.

Now whilst I hadn’t worked things out to the degree of the person asking, I had as a kid always worked out how I could get out of the house should anyone break in. Or how to get out of the house if there was a fire. Out of the window, along the ledge, on to the flat roof and then a big jump onto the grass below. Not perfect and I hadn’t done a run through, but all in all, I’d thought it through. By contrast my questioner had worked it out, tried it out and perfected the escape.

I felt lacking in the ‘great escape’ department – so I went on line to see what I could find. Well, the government website has what to do in the event of a fire
I found a teenagers page on how to sneak out the house
Even a link to what to do if a burglar enters your house

Finally I read survivor websites – the biggest mistakes victims make. Number one was thinking it could never be you and not being prepared!

Well, despite having what some would consider a macabre conversation just before bedtime ( it was certainly a new twist on ghost stories ) I am now far more prepared for the possible eventuality!

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