Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Funny expression, ‘comfortable in your own skin’. I mean we should be, it’s the only skin we’ve got, right? But talking amongst friends and to the 1000’s of women I know and work with, I don’t think many of us truly are until we reach 40, by which time we’ve both grown in confidence and developed a thicker skin.

This ‘comfort in our skin’ thing, is a big challenge and dare I say it, it’s getting harder, with the ever present pressures of physical perfection around us. To that I’ll come later!

What to do, what not to do, and funny tales from those of us who’ve given strange surgical, medical and spiritual procedures a try! Women come into their own later in life. We emerge slowly and then go forth triumphantly – once we’ve accrued knowledge, know-how and bagged plenty of experienced, good and bad, and we’ve learnt how to handle ourselves.

Yes we still have insecurities and confidence-crashes, but we have the tools to fight back from those wobbles. Part of blogging for me is about looking at those things that hold us back. Revealing tales of how to overcome, lessons learnt, as well as the advice we should not have followed.

The thing I’m certain of is that comfort in our own skin, has far less to do with the physical form we travel around in and far more to do with the strength of our mind.

And it is our mind that we have to keep developing during our life. Throughout this blog I will share my own stories. Please feel free to join in or ask questions. These tales are meant as helping aids and to know we’re all on this journey of discovery together…… And to travel with friends is better than to travel alone.

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