Are you a chess player or do you live in the present deciding your moves as you go?

Are you a chess player or do you live in the present deciding your moves as you go?

So how do you operate? Do you live in the moment taking the correct decision for the right now, having gathered all the relevant information to make an informed decision, or do you look to the future, working out moves ahead like a chess player, trying to shape your future and the future decisions of others? And my supplementary question, is that really possible? With all the variables of life; individual input and thought processes, emotional reactions, external factors, events beyond your control, can you really predict outcomes?

We’re humans not God so unless you have a crystal ball can you predict and shape future outcomes? Or is it that you don’t care about the consequences, you have so much faith (misplaced or otherwise) in yourself and your abilities that you push issues and see where they go? Positive or destructive, you don’t mind the consequences or fall out?

Reading Trump’s latest tweets about a ‘rigged election’ made me ponder this point again. Is this a genuine concern of his, is it a statement of fact or is it a chess move? Or could it be all 3?

If it’s a genuine concern then it’s vital it’s raised and addressed immediately. If it’s a chess move, merely a pre-made excuse for losing, then the downsides could become significantly bigger than the upsides?

Can an excuse for an individual’s bruised ego really be worth calling into question the democratic system of the 325million people who live in the USA? This single act could be corrosive to Western democracy, questioning as it is the election system in the States, a bedrock of democracy.

So whilst this chess move may provide Trump with an excuse and a platform post the election it could topple a crown jewel of democracies in an ever chaotic world.

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