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Esther McVey
Esther McVey MP in Kirby, Britain - 29 Apr 2015

Esther McVey is an entrepreneur, broadcaster and former MP and Minister of State for Employment. She is a Privy Councillor – a member of the formal body of advisors to the Sovereign of the United Kingdom.


Her current roles in business include Chair of British Transport Police Authority (responsible for ensuring an efficient and effective police force for Britain’s railways), Honorary Fellow of Liverpool University and Senior Advisor to an international communications company.


Esther is a regular contributor to ITV’s Peston Show and guest on other television and radio programmes including Loose Women and BBC Radio 4.

Latest news from Esther 

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If Chloe Can


If Chloe Can is a play conceived and co-written by Esther after interviewing some of the world’s most successful women, many of whom have got to the top in the face of huge adversity.


Esther saw a synergy between the aims of the If Chloe Can story and the National Youth Theatre’s mission to discover and nurture young people’s talent and propel them to success. The event has now inspired over 15,000 young females in the UK.

“I strongly believe that if you work hard, play by the rules and believe in yourself, then no matter who you are, or where you come from, you can meet those goals and achieve your ambitions.”